sometimes you just have to set your ego aside and remember that the love you have for that other person is more important than winning a fight :)

- marshall & lily, how i met your mother e6s5

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


there's so much to do in october. too much?

work wise. family wise. relationship wise.

there's so much to study, to read and to write. i'm getting

and i haven't seen the boyfriend since before puasa.

well i saw him on the day they came merisik but that doesn't count.. pffttt~~

dear boyfriend, i need a date. pwetty plishhh -___-"

and the preps are goin, slowly but great ^^

so yeah,, hari ku tetap berbunga2 :pp~~


Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

cik adik,caner nk follow blog awk ni?tade pun butang follow.huhuh

[az azhari]™ said...

haha!! x letak sebab blog xde follower pn. dah letak da.. sile la follow ^^