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- marshall & lily, how i met your mother e6s5

Friday, November 25, 2011

RnI compete

truthfully, i din't care much about the competition, partly because i'm too lazy..haha.. mcm dah penat.. tapi bila boss suruh masuk.. dengan redhanye sy pun isi je la borang.. walaupun penyertaan poster tu adalah sangat ala kadar sebenarnye. memang mcm xde effort sgt.. dah la poster.. memang leceh la nk sumbat 2 years of research in one stupid A1 paper..

and thennnnn.. i din't even noticed that the competition was scheduled 5 days before the pre-big day! boss called in d morning and i had to rush back to campus. although i din't think it was of any use sebab smpai dah lambat.. so boss terpaksa cover presentkan.. ape la agaknye yang boss present -____________-" tp kami menang bronze medal! alhamdulillah.

sayangnye.. mood memang dah lari habis for the day.. penat sangat.. and awarding was on the next day so i din't attend :( jadi xde kenangan langsung utk RnI compete kecuali BRONZE MEDAL itu!!

p/s - medal masih kat kampus. minggu depan la amek. bole hntr kat boss2 tersayang skali ;) nanti da amek medal bole tampal kt sini ^^

good night,

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