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Friday, December 30, 2011

my 2011 :)

so where did my 2011 go?

basically. 2011 habis kepada masters.

january. started great. new year with the boyfriend ^_^ siap panjat gunung (or bukit??) apentah kat kluang with my then roommate, her brother and another friend and his brother :)) oh.. ini hanyalah permulaan tahun (yg konon2 awesome tu) the rest of january was blur. lab lab lab lab lab dan lab. extraction and fractionation takkkkkk habis2. tapi dah lab la.. much better than fieldwork every other week. pfftttt~~

february. attended my first conference of the year. in UPSI. stayed at uncle bakar's place because sha insisted. ya Allah. lama yang amat tak jumpa dorang. alhamdulillah. jumpa balik sha kat facebook. after the conference hung out dengan kesayangans kat alamanda. and also in february. was 508's first meet after 7 years! i love them!!

march was a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very  busy month. emotionally unstable and i hate. spent most of the time in the lab. memang horror. i think it was in between feb n march that i actually had a 41 days of lab work. non stop. even on weekends. sumpah menangis melalak dalam lab sambil buat experiment. twas sooooooo stressful. tapi bila dapat result gc (around 270++ gc graphs) memang super awesome feeling dia!

luckily i have mr doctor and bdk nyet to keep me on the ground :)

april. sudah siap lab! so menggilakan diri dengan thesis writing pula. and oh.. happy birthday mr doctor!

i was quite in a mood swing. deleted my old playground. started tumbling. and came back to blogger on the other side. twas crazy. yes. thesis  writing do that to some people.


i went to singapore twice in may too! on labour day weekend was kakak sima's solemnization. sleep over at along abas' with my awesome singaporean cousins. jalan2 singapore and bbq at impian emas.

and the next week, singapore again with dilla, zara, sharil and of course, mr doctor. and attended ja'a's wedding too!

attended my first international conference in may 2011 too! awesome. in PD. super awesome cause i can be with mr doctor, the then boyfriend all weekend ^_^ and super duper awesome because it was my mutant's wedding!! congrats rye n fit!!

so yeah.. 3 weddings in may!

june and july went by with a blur. thesis writing writing writing writing and writing. thesis all the way. the only thing i remember is my early birthday treat. watched X-men with my mr x-man. and he promised my birthday present will be our engagement ring. tehehee~

august was eid. eid was fun! i love eid with my family. i love my family! ^_^


submitted my thesis! finally. bulan puasa dah submit kat faculty. but righttttt after raya presented at mockviva. faculty sy kena mockviva ye! dah lepas mock baru boleh submit to cgs. so september lah officially submitted my thesis to cgs ^_^

and september juge.. we took a baby step in this 6 long years of relationship :) mr doctor's family came over. to beraya and merisik. tapi xde cincin sbb cincin dapat sekali masa tunang ^_^

and.. ehem. another international conference. the best i attended so far crowd-wise. sangatttt best! and it's in singapore. so yeah. singapore again!satu je x best sbb d hotel x serve halal food. so pergi conference 1 day. the rest cuti2 singapore with acik n my singapore bois! tehehee. masuk national museum of singapore okay! and abg wan menunaikan impian sy utk visit afc studios!

october. bulan menunggu viva. dan bulan prep for engagement! ^_^ pening pening tapi gembira :)

and also. singapore again. kakak sima's reception. and jalan2 and soping and everything. ahaa.. memang tahun ni paaaaaaaaling byk masuk singapore okeh!!


bulan cinta!

we're betrothed to be married. alhamdulillah!

i got my birthday present. tehehee~

so yeah..

i am sooooooo close to be done with my masters
i am engaged to my best friend, my worst enemy and my biggest fan
i am the thinnest now as long as i can remember. haha
i am trying to be a better person :)

all in all.. that was my 2011

i hope you had a nice 2011 too :)

thanx to everyone who made me who i am today

mama.. i love you. for every single thing. til my last breath
ayah.. i miss you. as much as i wish you're here. i knw you're in a better place. and i knw you're proud of how i turn out to be. al-Fatihah
along angah and acik. the best siblings i could ever ask for. azharians for life. 
and mr doctor. i'd had you as my boyfriend for 6 awesome years. and it'd been a month since we're engaged. and i could never ask for a better partner. trying my best to be a better partner for you too. looking forward for a lifetime with you baby :)

and now.. i'm looking forward to 2012 :)


mrs irmidrza to be said...

wahh..miza kalu wat entry camni..confirm...sume busy study...hahahaha....cuma bulan 2 special skit...i met him!!

Serigala Maroon said...

gambar kat rumah uncle bakar xde ke? hihihi

[az azhari]™ said...

miza: ini yg konon2 meriah je. padahal d whole year stressssss dgn thesis. oh.. kisah blog itu!

cik rai: err..heheee..xde plak :P~