sometimes you just have to set your ego aside and remember that the love you have for that other person is more important than winning a fight :)

- marshall & lily, how i met your mother e6s5

Monday, December 31, 2012

hello 2013

2012 had been a good year

i passed my viva voce.

a few darlings got married!


i was busy with our own wedding preparation too!

we got our own nest. renting of course!

had an awesome last raya as mama's little baby. eh. i will always be kan?? hehe


we got married! after 7 long years.



Acik's M Eng convo


and MY M Sc convo!!

and USS. dengan family terchentas 

entri malas

gambar recycle

i love my 2012

i owe everything to my dearest mama. i can never be this strong without her. and my siblings because we are azharians. and my husband for believing in me when even i don't believe in myself. and my new family too.

Friday, December 28, 2012

nenek mr doctor in high dependency unit

started from uncontrolled dm amputation on christmas day.. tetiba fitting yesterday. twice.

he had a theory. it ain't pretty. we just can hope he's wrong.

though deep inside,, i know i never doubted him.

abah is unwell as well..

ya Allah.. give me strength to make him stronger


Thursday, December 27, 2012

a little too much to take right now

work is work. as it is

study is study. well..

and of course.. family needs attention too

travelling to bangi everyday is a pain.

hanging on


don't ask me on the baby thing. Allah knows when i'm ready ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little red readerhood


finally made it to the #bigbadwolf this year


first on the 9th. sunday morning. with husband. 
a little frustrating. tak jumpa banyak sangat buku best sebab tak faham arrangement and buku dah bersepah from the 3 days sale. and we were quite broke too. hiks

second on the 14th. our third month. at midnight!
happy. jumpa banyak buku. hubs' oncall claim baru masuk. cathy glass. perfect!

met melissa! 

the nerd and her husband


third. yesterday. with umi. sbb umi nak beedle the bard. tapi dah habis. sobs.
and i bought a few more

my loots. the first and second trip.
total damage rm202!


my darling mr doctor ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

3 bulan sudah

sayang makin banyak

saya sayang awak sebab awak makan sampai habis walaupun saya masak tak sedap.

terima kasih sayang


Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend getaway


yup. we were there last saturday

courtesy of pak teh n mak lang for sponsoring our group pasport. and mama for the tix. ihiksss




awesome. super duper awesome

time well spent with my loved ones

and i love love love USS

lets go back there soon sayang ;)

with that.

hello December


tibatiba ada mood nak review panjaaaaaang pasal USS!

1. rides yang saaaaaaangat ohsem. transformers the ride, sci-fi cyclone, jurassic park river rapids, the mummy. baaaaaanyak sgt rides. x smpt naik semua pn. but waiting for the rides kt uss adalah agak comfy. sbb d whole area decorated mengikut theme. 
lights camera action was the first (ride?) we entered. siap almost kena langgar ngan kapal besar. terbakar2. semua lah.
transformers n cyclone. NOT for the faint hearted
jurassic park rapids tu basahhhhhh gila. so kalau xnak beli that idiotic plastic so called baju hujan: cost 3sgd.. bwk baju hujan sendiri/tawakkal je basah. ktorg? mula2 action kutuk smorang yg pakai baju plastik tu.. lepas tu hamekkkkk kau punye basah.. siap masuk drying pod! haha
banyakkkkk surprises of the rides. so beware :))
cyclone(blue) and human(red). far far way. the lost world. transformers THE ride!
the waiting line: far far away. i cant remember where. transformers. lights, camera action by steven spielberg.
yang lainnnnn sme kena simpan bag dalam locker. so xde lah gambar
2. food agak susah n mahal. susah sbb x semua makanan halal. nmpk mcm sedap tp sedar2lah anda berada di singapore. nak beli churros pun x terbeli. sobs. so bawak lah makanan sendiri. n botol air sbb kat sana bersepah water cooler. so can refill anytime

3. bawak baju extra! you'll be wet (if you naik jurassic park rapids) and dirty. katanya dalam uss tu ada surau. but ktorg tak jumpa. so ktorg solat zuhur n asar kat  lobby convention center dkt sblh hardrock. just ask around, they'll help you

4. notice tak banyak gambar of the rides? sbb most of the scary rides kena simpan bag dalam locker and naik sehelai sepinggang. the cyclone siap kena bukak spec n kasut (if you dont wear secure shoes n takut kasut tercampak kena kepala orang ntah kat mana2 like my sister..haha). lockers are free for d first 40 minutes except yang dekat jurassic park. x faham kenapa. heuuuu

5. wear comfortable clothes. yes you wanna take a lot of picture and post em on facebook. just be decent. tak payah sangat la nk melilit shawl terbelit leher or pakai baju 3-4 lapis just to look nice. it's hot! of course. uss kat singapore je bukan kat london. and you walk about a lot. so be comfortable. and comfortable shoes. pleaseeee. sad to say my faithful adidas dah arwah sbb basah masa naik rapids. yes. semua salah rapids u see??

6. plan your time inside the arena. sampai awal if possible. we had 6 hours in uss itself and it wasnt enough. byk je rides tak dapat naik. but it's okay. we got on the cool ones and we'll be backkkk! ok lari topik. crucial if u are chasing time,, everytime nak naik ride sila look at the waiting time. if it's too long.. may be it's not worth it. 

7. have lots and lots of fun. try everything. jangan takut please. bukan senang nk naik semua tu! 

random shots. azharians. kesayangans

dedicated to dhiera ;) have fun darl!

Friday, November 23, 2012

hye funneh

some people are just funny. you know.

funneh peepol i call em

if you think you are the only one with problems, that means you are only looking at other's happiness without knowing what they're hiding behind that smile

you think  i have no issues in my life just because i don't post them on facebook?

it's just because i don't think i want to let 1095 people know every little thing in my life

and i am strong enough to smile because i was brought up that way

so yeah

like i said. i am not wasting my time entertaining IDIOTS


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 bulan 1 minggu

i am far from a perfect wife

still trying hard to cope

still learning what he likes best

still throwing tantrums every now and then


terima kasih Allah sebab bagi saya suami yang terbaik

terima kasih suami sebab sentiasa jadi yang terbaik

me. love .you

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

the day i receive my scroll (or album?)

proud? hell yeah

i worked hard for this

(and kilograms)

worth it.

thank you husband. you were there even then.
thank you mama. i never could've done this without you
thank you azharians. always the best!
ayah. i knw you are shining down on me. on us. proud of where we are now. al-Fatihah

sadly,, inlaws xdapat attend sebab abah x sihat. sobs. but thank you nontheless :)

masa perarakan masuk dewan tu sumpah saya menangis.entah kenapa. overwhelming

ermm.. macam kena paksa sambung phd. ermmm..

Saturday, November 3, 2012


felt a pang of emptiness. How i wish you are here...
I miss you ayah.. I knw you're proud of where i am now..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


i miss them!

and the moment ;)

doakan mereka dalam sihat, selamat dan sejahtera selalu

bakal ada pertambahan ahli keluarga tahun depan. hey ;)


gratz acik

you so friggin deserve it! 

we love you!

Monday, October 15, 2012

sebulan sudah

a scary yet interesting and exciting change.

nampak gaya macam akan tutup blog. ataupun update sebulan sekali pun payah.

tak ada yang nak diceritakan. mungkin banyak tapi takut mengganggu privacy.

maaf. yang penting kamu tahu yang kami bahagia :)

mungkin akan tumblring. mungkin hanya di twitter n

mungkin akan kembali siapa tahu?

mungkin hanya snippets kehidupan?

tahniah acik, a proud holder of M. Eng (Gas).! we love you ;)

Friday, October 5, 2012

3 weeks

you were a stranger back then

but everything changes

you became my imam,

you became my protector,

you became the best friend i'd always wanted,

you became the most important person to me

it all happened 3 weeks ago

thank you for having me, as your lawfully wedded wife

i love you 

for everything you'd done

for everything we'd been through

for everything we're gonna face in the future

i never thought i could love you this much,, but i do 


Thursday, October 4, 2012


yesterday was fun fun fun!

tghari mr doctor habis course dekat ipr so dia datang bangi and lunch dengan sy yg mengada2. lepas tu.. sy balik rumah. sesuki je mengular balik awal.. sorry dr, tp sme bnda yg dr suruh sy cari sy dah cari tau! tunggu dr masuk je hari ni.. tp kejap eh.. sy update blog dulu.. heuheu

smpai rumah je emo sbb mr doctor konon2 nk tunjuk jalan dalam tapi sy rasa jauh and at one point dia tertinggalkan sy.. pfftttt~

me: yang, jom beli tv
him: JOM!

terusssss la misi mencari tv. cik kak ni ajak pg beli tv mcm pg beli ayam! haha.. sbbnye budget mmg dah ada.. and disebabkan sy cuak nt mr doctor oncall sy mati kutu kat rumah,, haha.. mula2 pg thye hin,, tp leceh sbb dia suruh register astro sendiri n ktorg xde lah masa sbb office astro tutup 5.30. so pg seng heng sbb ade discount 120 kalau register astro kt seng heng.. heuheu :))

and semalam..

saya masakkkkkkkk!

haha.. tahpape excited!

tp memang excited pun sbb first time masak untuk husband n dia makan sedap je walaupn sy rasa sy masak x sedap mane pun..haha.. k bye


nk kerjaaaaa..


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the now

teaser outdoor majlis bertandang ;)
nasib baik wife dia dah ringan. lols~

long silent
laptop tersimpan rapi :))
settling down 
trying to make the home homier ;)
started working too!
buka mata luas luas untuk next step ;)

hidup lebih tenang

dear darling husband,
i love you

Thursday, September 20, 2012

7 days


7 hari sudah ;)

8 tahun berkawan tak sama langsung dengan 7 hari nikah. bahagia. sangat.

banyak sangat benda baru. masih tercungap untuk cope. tapi usaha. dia comel sangat. haha

banyak nak cakap. tapi macam tak perlu. 

mood blogging ke laut walaupun mr doctor takde di sisi. ye, kesayangan sy dah kembali bertugas mencari sesuap nasi utk kami (ayat drama). 

review? tunggu gambar OP (dan kerajinan???)


teaser dari OP terbaikkkkk sepanjang zaman ;)

bertandang ahad nie..

lepas tu.. the "getting to know you" trip

mungkin selepas tu baru blog kembali berasap.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


thank you for all your well wishes and prayers

from both of us,

Dr Ridzwan + Azliyana

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


countdown dan blog terabai. laptop dah masuk peti besi. lol

rumah dah full throttle wedding mode

isi rumah dah naik demam

see you this saturday ;)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

daripadaNya kita datang dan kepadaNya kita kembali. al-Fatihah buat Nyang kpd mr doctor. sedikit terkilan sebab dia pernah tnye bila kami nak kawen.

be strong dear sayang. i'm always with you :*

Allah tak duga hambaNya di luar kemampuan. insyaAllah kita mampu. this is gonna make us stronger. insyaAllah *hugs*

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


malam tadi saya dapat tau sy ada skill sleep-texting..

lebih kurang mcm sleep-walking tu lah..


see,, i sayang korang tahu?


lindungilah kami dari syaitan yang membolak balikka hati ya Allah~

Sunday, September 2, 2012

12 hari lagi nak menikah


dalam sibuk beraya + bwk/ikut mama pergi menjemput..

dan sibuk yg lelain jgk..


routemarkers. jgn sesat ye ;)

guestbook corner + candy buffet deco 

candy buffet stuffs. bahahaa

gambar kad nikah ;)

kisah jumaat hari merdeka. pak busu n family datang tolong isi gula2 for the kids, tampal tq sticker kt doorgift n isi potpourri. 
thank you so much pak busu n family + my own darling family.. everything done in 1 day ;)