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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


all the hard work, sweat, tears and bloodshed is all worth it when i heard the chairperson say 'congratulations, you'd passed the viva voce examination with minor correction in 30 days'

perasaan yang sangat indah.

i'm now closer to my dream. of following the footsteps of dearest father. satu step je lagi utk jadi pemilik PhD. insyaAllah. kawan2. tolong doakan saya :)


nak cerita pengalaman menjelang, semasa dan selepas viva voce

the wait was long.. a little too long. submitted my thesis in september last year. no news. until my awesome brother was called for his viva in utm. and i started to worry because i'm in dire need of a job because i wanna get married. haha..

4th january 2011. received a call from cgs. to schedule my viva. ya Allah. mulanya ingatkan dah x sabar2. tapi rupanye.... cuak yang amattttttttt!!!! x tido malam.. menangis xde sebab.. emosi x stabil. x caye??? tnye mr doctor. haha

tiap2 hari baca slide. baca thesis. baca journal. prepare script presentation. prepare untuk segala kemungkinan. sampai satu tahap mcm pasah je kalau x dapat masters skali pun..

tiap2 malam mimpi viva. macam ntahpape punye mimpi.. viva kat playground lah. slide keluar cartoons lah.. merepekkkkkk je

and yesterday.. to be honest. i ate nothing but half a bar of dairy milk chocolate and a stick of choki choki and some chocolate milk yesterday. i just couldn't wait for today to come. to get done and over with everything.

and today came..

bangun pukul 4.30 pagi. to be honest. kalau bukan sebab telan 2 biji panadol dan sebiji clarityn sebelum tido semalam.. memang takkan dapat tido langsung sebenarnya. cubaan2 kembali tido gagal. bangun.. belek slide. prepare myself for the worst. although a very good friend of mine said yesterday: takut utk soalan. tapi masters 110% dalam tangan! tehee..

8.30. melangkah dgn bismillah ke lokasi viva. studio pendidikan uthm. studio pn kunci lagi! haha. bila k syila datang and prep semua.. duduk lah depan tu sorang2 hadap slide. mock viva sorang2. haha. baru lah nak nampak mane typo error kat slide.. mane salah kat peta. merepekkkkk je!

9.00. a few friends started to show up. walaupun x ramai. alhamdulillah.. yg ada tu jadi semangat. datin wife big boss sy pn dtg. terharu! big boss x dtg sbb ada meeting. xpe boss.. i understand :) butterflies were fluttering like cray cray in my tummy.

9.30. the examiners came in. masa ni tuhan je yang tahu betapa lajunye heartbeat sy. paling nervous perasaan utk present bila tgk poker face examiner. muka dua2 nak garang je kannn..

pukul 9.30 dapat tweet dari lylyanto: i bagi you 2 jam utk dapat masters..haha

presentation started. truthfully. i knw i can do a better presentation if i wasn't that nervous. if it was just another conference and my life decision was not hanging on it.. but the nervousness really kills. tapi feedback dari kawan2 n lecturers. alhamdulillah. to them it was good.

10.15. close session viva voce exam started. ok. viva ni ada 2 part. first part presentation. sape2 je boleh tengok. 2nd part close session dgn panel. they drill you about almost everything on your thesis. because they were already given 1 month to read the thesis. so yeah. this was the scariest part. setebal 127 pages tu dia scrutinized and commented. and trust me. it was really really really scary! sgt byk benda dia tanya.. comment and tegur. but alhamdulillah i can take it all positively. and they were fine about it.

1200. they conclude the close session and asked me to step out for them to discuss. it was a verrrrrrry long 5 minutes.. hence the picture below. haha

lethargic. in pink :)

12.05. they called me in again. and dr eta, the chairperson give the magic sentence. and all hell breaks loose.  and the rest is history ^_^

alhamdulillah ^______________^

this is for my mama. along, angah and acik. and d future hubs ^_^
amd to everyone. for all the kind words, support and love. and just being there to listen to my neverending whines. i thank you with all my heart. terima kasih banyak2 ^_^ you knw who you are and how much i appreciate your presence in my life.
and ayah. you're forever and always. my inspiration. my hero. al-Fatihah :)

this is the one day. i will never forget :)

sorry. this is rather a lengthy post. thanx for reading :)


tYa athirAh said...

and a biggggggggggg hug from me !
tahniah !!

yeay bole kawen dah ~~!!

cik.mila said...

alhamdulillah..lega da skrg kan ^__^
jgn lupa mkn vco! eheh

dhiera said...

kite rase touching plak baca ayat2 penghargaan..
ayah az dah xda ke? al-fatihah~

tahniah! kite tumpang gembira. sangat2. cerita pasal ur experience tu details buat kite rase macam kite plak yg amek. *over*

[az azhari]™ said...

tya: thanx yang! hugsss! yeay bole tawen!! haha

mila: thanx mila ^_^

dhiera: dah 6 thn dah yg.. thanx dear! hehee ^_^

Serigala Maroon said...

tahniah lagi skali ;)

Cik Zimie said...

touching nye baca huhuhu. ure such a strong girl azliyana!!!tapi syukur semuanya berjalan lancar.bukan senang nak dpt masters kan,ramai yang stop berhenti tengah jalan..

lepas ni boleh kawen dah hihi

[az azhari]™ said...

cik rai: thanx :)

zimie: thanx dear. alhamdulillah,, get through em all :) bole kawen! yey!

Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

tanak viva. takot :(

[az azhari]™ said...

hep! viva la kerry!! :))