sometimes you just have to set your ego aside and remember that the love you have for that other person is more important than winning a fight :)

- marshall & lily, how i met your mother e6s5

Sunday, September 2, 2012

12 hari lagi nak menikah


dalam sibuk beraya + bwk/ikut mama pergi menjemput..

dan sibuk yg lelain jgk..


routemarkers. jgn sesat ye ;)

guestbook corner + candy buffet deco 

candy buffet stuffs. bahahaa

gambar kad nikah ;)

kisah jumaat hari merdeka. pak busu n family datang tolong isi gula2 for the kids, tampal tq sticker kt doorgift n isi potpourri. 
thank you so much pak busu n family + my own darling family.. everything done in 1 day ;)

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