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Saturday, July 6, 2013

1st trimester journey

hello :)

this is my first story of my first trimester of my first pregnancy. the things i feel like sharing ;))

well.. we found out the pregnancy one day before that big pindah rumah to bangi.. one day after that freaking accident..

decided to tell the family when i was about 5 weeks in. balik mengundi and i was really weak from all that vomiting.. yup.. morning sickness had kicked in.

well.. it's more of an evening sickness (and motion sickness too). i was perfectly fine in the morning (which is a blessing because i had classes to go to and all) and gets sick at about noon.. especially if i ate nasi for lunch. pffttt~

i became i very fussy eater. luckily the husband is such a patient angel. i love you #deardaddy ^^

alhamdulillah. sickness wasn't as bad as other people i heard of. mungkin sbb semangat waja student phd. haha. tapi cepat penat. biasa lah kan

and i can't sit down on hard surface. my but hurts like hell! haha. manja..

since i have some other health issues,, i had medical appointment almost every and there.. and we'd made a decision on where to deliver.. of course.. where daddy works.. insyaAllah ;)

on my birthday, we were at putra because mama was admitted due to food poisoning. so we went to see dr senasii and he did a scan on my little peanut. excited #deardaddy and #dearpakcik saw the little peanut dancing around. and alhamdulillah.. mr doctor said our baby is in a good position.

so yeah.. it's all over now.. entering my second trimester


oshinz said...

cer try makan pizza plak.. muntah tak? kihkih. mana tahu ni baby selera omputih. nasi tarak layan.

[az azhari]™ said...

oshinz: hoho.. kalau sampai time dia.. bagi rib eye steak pun dia takmau