sometimes you just have to set your ego aside and remember that the love you have for that other person is more important than winning a fight :)

- marshall & lily, how i met your mother e6s5

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


After a long hiatus. Lets start talking about my latest addiction.

Yeap.. eversince I'm a mommy and I no longer look pretty effortlessly,, all with the aging, motherhood, sleepless nights and not forgetting my stress lines of being an overaged student. Adding to peer influence. Hah!

Sephora is known by most women as a top make brand selected by the ladies of all age groups as their beauty collection at home. However, Sephora makeup has a wide range of lipstick shades for women to choose from which will make it very confusing to pick. The ladies who are dedicated with their job will definitely want to look fabulously awesome in the office as impression is always important. One of the best ways a woman can perk up their pale face morning look is by applying a slight tint of lipstick. Adding a bit of colour to your face will definitely transform your face and make you look approachable at work. The first choice of lipstick which is appropriate for any woman to wear at work is the nude lipstick colour. Nude lipstick makes a woman look refreshed in front of others and naturally beautiful. The nude lip colour is what makes a woman look pretty without putting too much effort in prepping up.
The next Sephora lip colour to choose is the baby pink shades. Baby pink shades are perfect for women who want to have natural kissable pink lips without jeopardizing their character. A baby pink lip colour from Sephora could be applied for woman of any skin colour as it is a versatile shade to pull off. Women can also show off their baby pink lips without ever having the feeling of going overboard with dressing up to work.

The third colour is a bit more daring for women to pull off at work but with the right matching outfits, the bright red colour will work its wonders. For the ladies who are feeling a little blue should absolutely apply a red tint of colour to their lips and stand up strong in front of others. The colour red is known to be a powerful colour and women who are proud of their success should never feel less than confident to reveal it at work. If you are wondering where you can get the Sephora lipstick collection for women, have a look at ZALORA as they offer
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So whatchu waiting for girls??

mummy A

Thursday, May 8, 2014

amni rayhan's first hospitalization



high grade fever at 3am dragged us to the emergency room

it was broncholitis

good thing she was seen by dr daddy's friends and bosses. no matter how 'uncomfortable' the ward might be, the most comforting feeling is having friends around to cheer you up.

lookit her fighting spirit. kejap je dah main balik dahhh..


stayed another night 

and the next day she's up and kicking at home

it pains me the most, seeing my happy cheerful baby in pain. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

milestone #1

anak dah meniarap.

at 3mo10d. her first successful try..

mummy & daddy. seronok tak payah cakap.

sebelum2 tu.. Allah je yang tau betapa frustnye dia bila tak dapat pusing. menangis macam mummy xdapat straight As SPM je gayanye..heh..dah tau dah over achiever itu ikut siapa :)

sekarang ni.. nak salin diapers.. nak pakai baju.. nak menyusu.. semuaaaaaaaa nak kena berperang.. mmg tayang muntot je kat mummy daddy.. dah start nak berguling2.. memang nak kena baby proof rumah & vacuum hari2 dengan rambut mummy yang dah macam carpet satu rumah.. sobs

alhamdulillah.. amni besar dengan sihat & bijak..

minggu ni checkup 4mo

eh..dah nak 4mo.. mcm baru je perut kena belah keluarkan si comel ni.. hu~

thesis mummy..

err.. kbai~

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

this is a rant. i don't expect many to understand

i hate it when people give me 'the' look when they asked if amni is fully breastfed or not, and i say no

you think it's by choice that i want to give her formula?
you think i'm lazy to pump and work hard to produce milk for my baby?
you think of all that and cynically asked me why..

did you know getting pregnant with my condition is actually a risk? i can never be a white sticker mummy.

Alhamdulillah, i survived a year of getting-being-and post-pregnant. I had to plan this baby carefully, I had to see various specialist (with contradicting management according to what they feel important) every week to make sure i don't risk myself or my baby, I had to bear all the extra pain and eat all those extra pills throughout.

Amni is a blessing. A huge blessing from Allah.

If my giving birth through cesarean section and feeding formula milk to my baby make me less of a mother? if you think so, i think it actually makes you less of a human yourself. Boo ya!

K bye~

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

of babywearing..

i'm in looooooooooooooooooove~

carrying little bubba in my jumpsacbaby pop art ring sling.. 

mind you this picture was taken during my first time.. so kaki amni not in d correct position.. but i've learned d right way and hey,, practice makes perfect. no?

we have another carrier. a ssc. but amni is still too small for that so daddy is soooo jelessss sbb x dapat babywearing lagi.. hiks..

mummy nk ring sling,, daddy nak patapum..
habis stroller tu nampak gayanya jadi tukun??

amni preferred to be carried anyways.. so mummy's not complaining ;)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

bersiaran langsung dari sebelah ukm

makin sibuk

blog makin bersawang

entry semakin melepaskan batuk di tangga

ok bye~

Saturday, February 1, 2014

kami dah habis pantang!

x sabar nak balik bangi wei. rindu!!

love, mummy & amni

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

my princess has arrived!


i'm back

day 18 of confinement

introducing our little bundle of joy


when she was just a few hours young. forceps mark on her cheeks helping her way out

our first family portrait. amni at 7 days young ;)

k bye..

nak sambung babymooning