sometimes you just have to set your ego aside and remember that the love you have for that other person is more important than winning a fight :)

- marshall & lily, how i met your mother e6s5

betrothed ♥


officially and blissfully engaged to mr doctor

 alhadulillah :)

me to him. sirih junjung, persalinan nikah, songkok + sejadah, books,
 choc box, cake, wajik durian, fruits, kuih bakar

him to me. bunga rampai + cincin. sirih junjung, persalinan nikah, euphoria :)
cake, fruits, chocs, cuppies (jd 8 dh.. sirih junjung x kira dulang katenye :P)

my mommies ♥

mr fiance ♥

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cik.mila said...

tahniah dear..baru brpeluang tgk pic brtunang u :)